Onan Propane Generator Won't Start

Use a small stick or piece of wire to make sure the vent hose is not plugged up. In the middle of a 7,300 mile circuit of north america in 2011, we discovered that the onan microquiet 3600lp generator in our 2006 itasca navion wouldn't start.

Do Propane Generators Work In Cold Weather Be Prepared For It

If it will run, it will probably be for a few seconds.

Onan propane generator won't start. Onan propane generator won't start. I cant get the generator to start in my era 70x. The onan rv generators are the best power producers and known to deliver quality.

My onan lp generator cranks, but won't start. I tried spraying starting fluid into the air inlet to no effect. Now it will not start at all.

The oil pressure switch of onan generator often sticks open in case the unit has not seen any use for an extended period of time. We had not run it in many months (we are infrequent generator users). A restriction of the regulator vent hose on the generator.

Okthe first thing i want you to check the regulator vent hose. For example, the 5500 lp, gq 2800, and 2500 lp. This happened once before and we were told the transfer switch failed to kick in and that the problem had corrected.

You could also pull a spark plug wire and see if you have fire, but in many installations, the spark plugs are difficult to access. The propane is used in place of gasoline, which is what most generators use. If the fuel in the cylinder or tank is not “pure” propane, the engine will usually do one of several things:

There will be a small hose hanging down from the set underneath, at the center back. If not, an ignition issue. The regulator diaphram has to see engine vacuum to admit gas into the engine, and at cranking speeds it only takes a.

By the time we put the coach into storage last fall, we felt the generator problems were finally behind us because it was running like an absolute champ. Several days later, it might run for a few hours and then it would shut off by itself. Online research eventually revealed a common cause:

On an car engine i'd check the ignition system. Onan propane generator won't start. 3 propane generator hard to start.

We had quite a bit of trouble with it last year, involving several rounds of repairs. Onan 3600 propane generator won't start. Onan marquis 6500 propane generator.

Turn on propane with the nozzle of the torch in the air cleaner. I tuned it up 15 to 20 hours ago in early spring ie., plugs,oil change and air filter. Many onan generator models can run on gasoline and liquid propane.

At 850 hours on the clock, my onan marquis 6500 lp generator cranks but won’t start. I started having problems last fall where the generator would run for a few hours and then would not restart after i shut it down. Carefully check the tube that connects the propane regulator to the engine throttle body (the carburetor on a gas engine).

Bugs love the smell of propane, and will crawl up in there and plug it up. When it is warm, try shutting off the propane tank and see if it will attempt to start. It seems as if there is no fire when it cranks.

By the time we put the coach into storage last fall, we felt the generator problems were finally behind us because it was running like an absolute champ. I tuned it up 15 to 20 hours ago in early spring ie., plugs,oil change and air filter. When the ambient temperature increased later in the day, the generator would start and run perfectly and power the microwave, no problem.

Is it the coil, regulator? Take gunny's advice and get a manual and adjust the mixture according to the procedure. Today, onan rv generators are most often.

Onan propane generator won't start. If it tries to start, you have a fuel issue.

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